Rhodey frowned, shaking his head immediately when those big eyes were turned up at him. “No…no Tony. I don’t think this is for attention…” He replied in just barely a whisper. He was pulling Tony’s hand until the other went slack in his grip and he sighed, lacing their fingers together instead and sitting beside him.

“….You need me Tony, hell there are times where I just..feel like if I don’t talk or get into touch with you that the world will just fall apart on us. But you’re always so happy and then there’s those fake smiles of yours. I know what they mean..I know what you want but I know I’m not the one you want to hear that stuff from. So you have to deal with me, like this, okay? You’re being a baby by shutting me out…come on. Come hug it out, you know you want to.” His thumb smoothed over the back of Tony’s knuckles, watching him carefully.

His fingers curled around Rhodeys, loosely at first, then tighter as he tried to listen instead of tuning everything out. That was more difficult than most people might imagine.

Tony wound up sinking in against Rhodey’s side, the shaking starting again as he tried to get as close as possible without winding up in the other man’s lap. “I don’t like needing… It’s weak.” He was quoting someone, with that, whether he realized it or not. His face pressed into the curve of Rhodey’s neck and he went silent, thinking through the haze of anxiety that still clung to him.

"… What do I want?"

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