A handy guide to eating your feelings(No, really)

For everyone from the insomniac to the bored eater.

Disclaimer: This is NOT meant to replace any medications, therapy or other ways you might be trying to get rid of your depression/anxiety/insomnia. It’s only meant to help and ease it.

This is also NOT a diet-plan, but simply a guide to help you eat for your own health. Not weight loss, but to be healthier in body and mind.

First off, just a few things to keep in mind as you adjust the food you eat.

  1. Water. You know how you get that hungry feeling when you’re just wandering around? Try a drink of water and wait a few minutes before you follow through and get that snack. A lot of the time, even if you’ve been drinking other things(Soda, coffee, milk), you body wants water and this is the only way to tell you since you aren’t thirsty.
  2. The serving size, no matter how idiotic seeming, is generally right. Try to remember that. God won’t smite you for another handful of chips, but not having the bag directly on hand will help you stop when you’re actually full.
  3. Listen to what your body tells you. This one’s a little more difficult, especially when you’re just starting out, but it’s important. Your body knows what it wants, you just have to figure out if your tongue and your mind are lying to you.
  4. You do NOT have to avoid the foods you love. Chocolate cake? Icecream? Pizza? Don’t feel guilty for wanting them, this isn’t about denying yourself.

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