No, I put nang phet kobani coffee from Thailand that was double steeped in a chaser on your desk, you uncultured heathen. 

Drunk heathen- *Tony corrected, as he pulled the cup over and smelled it, picking it up gingerly* Be nice to me, I’m trying not to kill myself, here.

*it was probably supposed to sound like a joke, but there was a little too much honesty there*

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You are ignoring me. 

Avoiding and ignoring aren’t the same thing.

I’m going back to bed. Tell me when Teddy is awake from his nap. 

*Tony gritted his teeth briefly*

You told me something that has always been a lie from the people that say it.
Forgive me if I don’t want to deal with that again

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Good |select, date and time. 4/16/2012 1:04 am| morning, Mister Stark! -smiles brightly-

Hello, Aria! How are you?

|select, response| I am well, Mister Stark. -nods once- How are you?

… fucking exhausted…


Any time the two of you have sex, I’m cockblocking the fuck out of you. 

You say that like I have a sex life any more…

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How is he not your type? Don't you like have sex with everyone? But when it comes to Magneto, HE'S NOT YOUR TYPE?

Honey, I will have sex with anyone within reason-

But he doesn’t do it for me.
At all.

It could be because when I look at him, I still see the eighty year old.
It could be because I know he and Charles are always going to be in that stupid circular ‘I love him, but I can’t have him’ cycle.

Or maybe I just can’t stand him because he’s an asshole, like me, and I don’t even like myself.

What the hell-


Oh my god, you are so full of shit, Tony. 

I’m just watching out for you and it made me upset to know you made a stupid decision. Yes, stupid

But goodnight, Tony. 

If you’d actually been interested in listening to me then you’d have known it was barely fucking anything because someone else was already watching me for it-

You don’t even realize how you sound, do you?

I’m just a fucking idiot and that’s it to you- You don’t think I know when something is stupid? I’m a fucking scientist, Steve- I may not be a doctor but I know what mixing alcohol and narcotics does to your system- I know and I don’t care.

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